ACAESUSA President’s Volunteer Service Award

A ceremony was held for the recipients Saturday night in Dallas. Several local teenage leaders were recognized for making a difference in the community.

Members of the nonprofit organization, Asian Culture and Education Society USA, who worked to help seniors citizens, promoted Asian culture, and spread health awareness and COVID-19 PPES, were honored with the President’s Volunteer Service Award. The volunteers had to meet a number of requirements to qualify for the presidential award.

“It is really easy to figure out what you like to do” Said SMU Professor Scott Douglas, “But one of the more important things in your life is to decide how to help others”

Come to join us! Our members have helped donate their time and passion to the community in the year of 2021,” said Jian Xie, the founder and President of ACAESUSA. “We will continue to help the community for years to come.”