ACAES-GAHD Youth Chapter Powers Dragon Boat Team to Second Place!

On May 19th, the ACAES-GAHD Youth Chapter proved their dedication to the GAHD Dragon Boat Racing Team extended far beyond cheers at the White Rock Lake Race in Dallas.(The city of  Dallas hosted its first Asian Heritage Festival and Dragon Boat race over the weekend.)Their hard work played a crucial role in securing an impressive second-place finish.

Building a Dream Together: Pre-Race Collaboration

Months before the race, a blossoming collaboration saw the GAHD Chapter, led by President Guanyan Li, delve into the world of dragon boating. Not only did they learn the sport’s intricacies, but they also actively participated in developing the GAHD Dragon Boat Team’s training program. Their after-school hours were dedicated to researching, creating a detailed and scientifically sound training schedule in collaboration with the team’s coaches.

Rigorous Training: Dedication and Support

The training itself was demanding. The ACAES-GAHD Chapter joined the dragon boaters for grueling physical conditioning and technical drills. Their support went beyond sweat and exertion. They handled essential logistics, from preparing water and checking equipment to recording training data to optimize future sessions.

Learning by Experience: Honing Skills and Building Bonds

This wasn’t just observation for the youth team members. They actively participated in paddling practice, experiencing the challenges and thrills of the sport firsthand. As they honed their own paddling skills, they learned valuable strategies and techniques from the seasoned dragon boaters, forging a strong bond between the two groups.

Race Day: Enthusiasm and Teamwork Fuel Near Victory

Race day saw the ACAES-GAHD Chapter arrive early, their enthusiastic cheers providing a welcome morale boost to the dragon boat racers as they assisted with final equipment checks. The GAHD Dragon Boat Racing Team delivered an exceptional performance, narrowly missing first place by a mere 0.01 seconds.

Celebrating Perseverance and Teamwork: Recognizing Contributions

The near victory was a testament to the power of teamwork and perseverance. GAHD Dragon Boat Racing Team Captain Jin Li praised the youth team’s unwavering support and positive energy, acknowledging their vital role in the impressive race result.

A Transformative Experience

For the ACAES-GAHD Chapter, the experience was transformative. They gained valuable insights and skills, laying a strong foundation for their future endeavors. ACAES USA President Jan Xie stated, “Guanyan Li and the youth team had a great opportunity to grow and learn, with significant improvements. We hope they continue to serve the community.”

A Shining Example: Inspiring Young People

This successful collaboration between the GAHD Dragon Boat Racing Team and the ACAES-GAHD Chapter serves as a shining example for young people. It highlights the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and dedication, inspiring them to embrace sports and contribute to future achievements.

Community News


In a spirit of unity and cultural celebration, the Asian Culture And Education Society USA in Dallas, Texas recently marked the observance of both Black History Month and Lunar Chinese New Year with a series of heartwarming initiatives and festive events. The society’s endeavors aimed not only to honor the diverse cultural heritage of its members but also to spread joy and inclusivity within the community.

As part of their celebrations, the Asian Culture And Education Society USA extended a hand of kindness to the special education children at a local elementary school. Members of the society prepared and distributed red envelopes filled with a delightful assortment of treats including pizzas, toys, goodies, and snacks, along with candies symbolizing the joy and prosperity associated with the Lunar Chinese New Year. This gesture of goodwill brought smiles to the faces of the children and demonstrated the society’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and compassion.

The festivities culminated in an annual celebration party hosted by the Asian Culture And Education Society USA. The event served as a vibrant showcase of Asian culture and traditions, featuring a variety of performances and activities for the community to enjoy. Attendees were treated to mesmerizing displays of traditional music, dance, and theatrical performances, which highlighted the richness and diversity of Asian heritage. The atmosphere was filled with laughter, camaraderie, and a shared appreciation for cultural diversity.

Apart from the annual celebration party, the ACAESUSA’s Youth Council  special performances for the wider community, actively participating in the events by volunteering and showcasing their talents. These performances were a means to bridge cultural gaps and foster cross-cultural understanding. Through music, dance, and various artistic expressions, the society endeavored to involve and enlighten the community about the beauty and significance of Asian culture.

During these events, we’re deeply grateful for the help from Ni Hao, UCA, UCA-MA, Gendap, Dallas City Library, the Dallas Police Department, Cesar Chavez Learning Center and TC-2 Mr.Gipson’s class. We’re truly fortunate to have their support.

Several awards were presented during the event, including the Inspirational ACAESUSA Mentor Award to Gendap President Mrs. Beverly Hill, and Mr. Jay Ho. The AAPI Media Excellence Award was bestowed upon Hojun Choi and Tiffany Liou, while the Inspirational AAPI Leader Award went to Yosselin Muller and Youth Volunteer and Youth Leadership Awards were presented to Eric Wang, Jessica Wu, Amy Xu and Harris Xie.

The Asian Culture And Education Society USA’s celebration of Blank History Month and Lunar Chinese New Year exemplifies the power of community and cultural exchange. Through acts of kindness, festive gatherings, and vibrant performances, the society succeeded in spreading joy, fostering inclusivity, and celebrating the rich tapestry of Asian heritage. As the celebrations come to a close, the spirit of unity and cultural appreciation will continue to resonate within the community, leaving a lasting impact on all who participated.


ACAESUSA Mental Health Matters Day 


On November 12, the air was filled with the resonance of loud gongs and drums, a vibrant lion dance performance, and a stirring national anthem as the Asian Cultural and Educational Society USA (ACAESUSA) hosted “ACAESUSA Mental Health Day”. They extended sincere thanks to Mayor Bob Dubey of Richardson for proclaiming November 12, 2023, as ACAESUSA Mental Health Matters Day. Dignitaries and experts from the region gathered at the Dallas Chinese Community Center for an unforgettable commemoration of ACAESUSA Mental Health Matters Day.

The celebratory occasion unfolded in two parts. A heartfelt appreciation goes out to the ACAESUSA Youth Council, UCA DFW Youth Council, and USSDFA – DFW Youth Council for their invaluable support in making this event a success. Additionally, they distributed yellow whistles before, during, and after the event.

The first part focused on local health matters and was hosted by ACAESUSA, with support from Richardson City and Dallas City, alongside several supporting organizations such as UCA, UCA-DFW team, USSDFA, USSDFA-DFW, GAHD, and DCAA. Professionals including Kimberly Richards, Hao Zheng, and Ally Wang provided insights into addressing current mental health challenges affecting children and parents.

The second part centered on national health matters and was hosted by ACAESUSA in partnership with UCA WAVES. Lily Chen, director of the United Chinese Americans UCA WAVES Youth Mental Health Collaborative, delivered a powerful Big Idea Talk, urging the breaking of silences surrounding mental illness and suicide within the Asian American community. The projects were made possible through the support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

The event’s success was facilitated by the support of Texas State Rep. Matt Shaheen from District 66, Texas State Rep. Carl O. Sherman, Sr. from District 109, Cindy Tsai (Interim President of Committee of 100), Haipei Shue (President of UCA), Wang Huang (Board Chair of UCA), Jinli (President of GAHD), and Lizhi Wang (President of USSDFA).

Guiding the event were the Youth Council presidents from Highland Park High School: Jessica Wu, Vice President Amy Xu, and Eric Wang from Baylor University, who served as wonderful emcees. Molly Li led the youth group in singing “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Mrs. Jan Xie, President of the Asian Cultural and Educational Society, expressed gratitude, saying, “Thank you all for your support and love for each other. A few weeks ago, a Chinese American friend of mine, Denial, passed away suddenly and alone in his home, and a few years ago his son, who was an Ivy League graduate student, died from suicide. In order to avoid a repeat of this tragedy, let’s all join hands and acknowledge the importance of mental health matters.”



11月12日,美国亚洲文化教育联盟(ACAESUSA)在达拉斯华人活动中心举办了庆祝“美国亚洲文化教育协会心理健康日”活动。活动中,锣鼓喧天、舞狮表演热闹非凡,国歌声激昂。当Richardson Bob市长宣布2023年11月12日为“亚洲文化和教育联盟ACAESUSA心理健康日”时,现场的达福地区的心理健康专家和达拉斯华人都非常高兴,共同庆祝这个难忘的日子。

庆祝活动分为两个部分,感谢ACAESUSA、UCADFW和USSDFA-DFW青少年理事会对活动的支持。他们在活动期间和前后分发了黄哨子。第一部分是由亚洲文化和教育联盟ACAESUSA主办,旨在探讨当地心理健康问题的解决方法。活动得到了理察德市、达拉斯市、UCA、UCA-DFW团队、USSDFA、USSDFA-DFW、GAHD和DCAA等支持机构的共同努力,共同关注亚裔的心理健康问题。市长以及Kimberly Richards、Hao Zheng和Ally Wang等专业人士讲解了孩子和家长如何保持健康的心理状态。

第二部分集中讨论了全美范围内的心理健康问题,亚洲文化和教育联盟ACAESUSA与美国华人联盟UCA WAVES合作。UCA WAVES青少年心理健康合作组织的负责人陈健发表了一场极具震撼力的Big Idea Talk,打破了亚裔美国人社区对精神疾病和自杀的沉默。陈健以自己的亲身经历为例,鼓励其他人加入WAVES计划(健康、倡导、声音、教育、支持),拯救年轻人的生命。这些讲座类似于TED演讲,以医疗保健提供者合作推进健康公平为主题,得到了罗伯特-伍德-约翰逊基金会(Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)在2016-2023年期间的支持(。

在此次活动中,特别感谢德克萨斯州66区众议员Matt Shaheen、德克萨斯州109区众议员Carl O. Sherman,以及百人会临时主席兼执行董事Cindy Tsai、美国华人联盟主席薛海培、美国华人联盟理事长王华、和全美山东同乡总会会长王立智的支持。

  孩子们在温暖的气氛中学到了很多关于保持心理健康的新知识。感谢来自高地公园高中的学生- UCADFW和ACAESUSA, USSDFA-DFW青年理事会为我们主持了这场精彩的活动。他们是Jessica Wu、Amy Xu和来自贝勒大学的Eric Wang。李语熹领着孩子们一起演唱了《星条旗》。河南同乡会会长李瑾带领着舞狮队伍(狮子队义工:郭晓斌、赵亚辉、曹倍源、宋小柱),程振刚给孩子们准备的队服和奖章,戴莉萍和王静雅给孩子们的三明治,都为参加这个沉重话题的孩子们带来了快乐。邓卫平老师的赠画和张长弓老师的字为我们的活动增添了浓厚的中华文化氛围。也感谢徐瑞,谢慧,常少容,杨笛,毕春燕,秋媚,江红红,尹伊,刘宝莉,小新,李琳,胡毓瑾,孔令华,邵创, 延东旭, 和蔡爽等很早来做义工并参加义卖活动。



2023 National AANHPI Unity Summit

The Asian American Unity Coalition (AAUC) successfully hosted the 2023 National AANHPI Unity Summit on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. from September 25-27. Over 100 AANHPI community leaders gathered to discuss key issues.

During the summit, attendees advocated for five important bills, covering topics such as discrimination, civil rights, hate crime prevention, immigration, and Asian American history education. 

Video: 2023 National AANHPI Unity Summit – 5 bills

These bills are:

  • Teach Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander History Act (H.R. 3434 and S. 1702)
  • Korematsu-Takai Civil Liberties Protection Act (S. 129)
  • Afghan Adjustment Act (H.R. 4627 and S. 2327)
  • Preemption of Real Property Discrimination Act (H.R. 3697)
  • Eliminating Backlogs Act (H.R. 1535)

  Organizations like Asian Culture And Education Society USA (ACAESUSA), Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO), United Chinese American (UCA), The Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association (APAPA), New Portland Foundation, My Sister House, Polynesian Association of Alaska and South Asian Women’s Network…, those are members of AAUC, joined hands for the summit. The event also featured prominent guests, including Senator Richard Blumenthal and several Representatives who discussed legislative priorities, including Connecticut’s Senior Senator Richard Blumenthal, Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (Illinois), Rep. Grace Meng (New York), Rep. Judy Chu (California), and Rep. Shri Thanedar (Michigan).

Additionally, the summit marked the launch of the online AAPI Community Hub Project, creating the largest network of AAPI nonprofit organizations, totaling approximately 15,000 members.

Several individuals received awards for their contributions, including:

  • US Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, honored with the Dilip Singh Saund Political Leadership Award.
  • US Rep. Grace Meng, recipient of the Norman Mineta Public Service Award.
  • Dr. Romesh Japra, celebrated with the Community Service Award.
  • Mr. C. C. Yin, acknowledged as Philanthropist of the Year.
  • Ms. Tammalivis Salanoa, presented with the President’s Young Person Award.
  • Ms. Jessica Wu, recipient of the President’s Youth Awards.

From Left to Right: Lusisana Hansen (Alaska), Jack Hanna (Oregon), Angela Anand (Virginia), Mary Jin (California), Dr. Romesh Japra (California), Norman Mineta, Rep. Grace Meng (New York), Tammalivis Salanoa (Alaska), Dr. S.K. Lo (Minnesota), Dr. Thomas Abraham (Connecticut), Yen Marshall (California), and Jan Xie (Texas).

The speakers also include David Inoue, Cindy Tsai, Grace Yu, Suhag Shukla and Edgar Chen… who shared their insights and expertise. The summit concluded with a congressional reception featuring discussions on community engagement in Congress. 

On September 27, a delegation of 20 community leaders attended a White House Briefing to address the issues discussed during their congressional visit. These leaders are: SK Lo, Yen Marshall, Jack Hanna, Jacob Harrer, Marsha Golangco, Angela Anand, Lucy Hansen, Grace Yu, Dani Canaleta, Elijah Matamoro, Romesh Japra, Tammalivis Salanoa, Helen Hsueh, Regina Burnley, Shaline DeGuzman, Lalita Kaul, Indrani Davaluri, Yasmine Padamesee, Shobhana Verma and Jan Xie.

It was a highly successful summit, thanks to the efforts of AAUC President Dr. SK Lo and her team. They will continue to create a community platform for all AAPI organizations and leaders to interact and collaborate on vital community issues.

2023 年全国 AANHPI 团结峰会
美国亚裔联盟(AAUC)于9月25日至27日在华盛顿特区国会山成功举办了2023年全国亚裔美国人和华裔美国人团结峰会。100 多名亚裔美国人、华裔美国人和印度裔美国人社区领袖齐聚一堂,讨论关键问题。
视频: 2023 年全国亚裔美国人和华裔美国人团结峰会 – 5 项议案

《教授亚裔美国人、夏威夷原住民和太平洋岛民历史法案》(H.R. 3434 和 S. 1702)
《韩国松-高井公民自由保护法》(Korematsu-Takai Civil Liberties Protection Act)(S. 129
《阿富汗调整法》(H.R. 4627 和 S. 2327)
《不动产歧视豁免法》(H.R. 3697)
《消除积压法案》(H.R. 1535)

美国亚洲文化与教育协会(ACAESUSA)、印度裔全球组织(GOPIO)、美国华人联盟(UCA)、美国亚太裔公共事务协会(APAPA)、My Sister House, New Portland Foundation, 阿拉斯加波利尼西亚人协会(Polynesian Association of Alaska)和南亚妇女联盟(South Asian Women’s Network)……等全美亚裔大会成员组织共同参与了此次峰会。参议员理查德-布卢门撒尔(Richard Blumenthal)和几位众议员也出席了此次活动,他们讨论了立法优先事项,其中包括康涅狄格州资深参议员理查德-布卢门撒尔(Richard Blumenthal)、众议员拉贾-克里希纳莫尔西(Raja Krishnamoorthi)(伊利诺伊州)、众议员孟昭文(Grace Meng)(纽约州)、众议员趙美心(Judy Chu)(加利福尼亚州)和众议员施里-塔内达尔(Shri Thanedar)(密歇根州)。

此外,峰会还标志着在线亚太裔社区枢纽项目的启动,该项目创建了最大的亚太裔非营利组织网络,共有约 15,000 名成员。


美国众议院议员 Raja Krishnamoorthi 荣获 “迪利普-辛格-桑德政治领袖奖”。
美国众议院议员孟昭文(Grace Meng),诺曼-米内塔公共服务奖(Norman Mineta Public Service Award)获得者。
荣获社区服务奖的 Romesh Japra 博士。
年度慈善家 C. C. Yin 先生。
Tammalivis Salanoa 女士,荣获President’s Young Person Award奖。
获得President’s Youth Awards.的 Jessica Wu 女士。

From Left to Right: Lusisana Hansen (Alaska), Jack Hanna (Oregon), Angela Anand (Virginia), Mary Jin (California), Dr. Romesh Japra (California), Norman Mineta, Rep. Grace Meng (New York), Tammalivis Salanoa (Alaska), Dr. S.K. Lo (Minnesota), Dr. Thomas Abraham (Connecticut), Yen Marshall (California), and Jan Xie (Texas).

The speakers also include David Inoue, Cindy Tsai, Grace Wang, Suhag Shukla and Edgar Chen… 峰会最后举行了国会招待会,讨论了社区参与国会事务的问题。

9 月 27 日,由 20 位社区领袖组成的代表团出席了白宫简报会,讨论了他们在国会访问期间讨论的问题。这些领导人是 他们是:SK Lo、Yen Marshall、Jack Hanna、Jacob Harrer、Marsha Golangco、Angela Anand、Lucy Hansen、Grace Yu、Dani Canaleta、Elijah Matamoro、Romesh Japra、Tammalivis Salanoa、Helen Hsueh、Regina Burnley、Shaline DeGuzman、Lalita Kaul、Indrani Davaluri、Yasmine Padamesee , Shobhana Verma and Jan Xie.

这次峰会非常成功,这要归功于美国亚裔联盟SK Lo博士及其团队的努力。他们将继续为所有亚太裔组织和领袖创建一个社区平台,就重要的社区问题进行互动和合作。


The 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival – ACAESUSA


The Mid-Autumn Festival, a timeless tradition dating back thousands of years across Asian countries and China, coincides with the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month, typically occurring in September. It serves as a powerful magnet, drawing Chinese families together under the mesmerizing moonlight. Among the festival’s many legends, the tale of Chang’e stands out, with her journey to the moon, accompanied by a white rabbit and a laurel tree.

The Asian Cultural and Education Society USA (ACAESUSA) dedicated volunteers preserve and celebrate this cherished tradition. They extend their love to Chinese Americans and students, enabling them to partake in the Mid-Autumn Festival, a significant event in the lunar calendar. This festival, with centuries of history, has evolved into a contemporary symbol of familial unity, marked by mooncake exchanges and collective moon-gazing, symbolizing happiness and prosperity.

The highlight of the holiday season is the mooncake, a round pastry filled with delightful toppings that embodies the essence of reuniting with loved ones, sharing and creating precious memories. Our dedicated volunteers and enthusiastic youth committee members purchase mooncakes, delicious food and beverages to distribute to families and students in need, fostering a sense of community and solidarity among the children.

We appreciate our youth volunteers for helping with the celebration: Ethan Li, Howard Li, Grace Wang, Eric Wang, Joseph Wang, Jessica Wu, Amy Xu, Andy Xu,Jake Ho, Jayson Ho and Her Man Cheung. “the Asian Cultural and Education Society USA extends warm wishes to your family. May your home be filled with mooncakes, and may your reunion be filled with happiness and tranquility. In this celebration that transcends generations and continents, we find unity, and through shared traditions, we discover the essence of community.” By the President of ACAESUSA Jan Xie. 


我们感谢为庆祝活动提供帮助的青年志愿者: Ethan Li、Howard Li、Grace Wang、Eric Wang、Joseph Wang、Jessica Wu、Amy Xu、Andy Xu、Jake Ho、Jayson Ho 和 Her Man Cheung。ACAESUSA 会长 Jan Xie说”美国亚洲文化教育协会向您和家人致以温馨的祝福。愿您家中月饼飘香,愿您团圆幸福安宁。在这个跨世纪的庆典中,我们团结起来不忘传统,为社区服务而努力!”


ACAESUSA team attends The 2023 AANHPI UNITY SUMMIT美国亚洲文化和教育协会参加在国会山举办的团结峰会

The 2023 AANHPI UNITY SUMMIT was successfully held in Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States, from September 25 to 27, 2023. This conference was organized by the Asian American Unity Coalition (AAUC) on Capitol Hill. Mrs. Jan Xie, President of the Asian Cultural and Educational Society USA (ACAESUSA) and Secretary of AAUC, led ACAESUSA team to attend this conference. 

 Several distinguished individuals received well-deserved recognition for their outstanding contributions:

  US Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi was honored with the Dilip Singh Saund Political Leadership Award.

  US Rep. Grace Meng received the Norman Mineta Public Service Award. 

  Dr. Romesh Japra was celebrated with the Community Service Award. 

  Mr. C. C. Yin was acknowledged as Philanthropist of the Year.

  Ms. Tammalivis Salanoa presented with the President’s Award for Young Asian Pacific Island American.

  Ms. Jessica Wu from Highland Park High School received the President’s Special Award for Youth.

  The hard work of the organizing team, led by Dr.Lo, President of the Asian American Unity Coalition, was instrumental in the success of the conference. The event garnered significant support from various dignitaries, including Senator Richard Blumenthal from Connecticut, Congresswoman Grace Meng from New York, Congresswoman Judy Chu from California, Congressman Sri Tanada from Michigan, and numerous House and Senate staffers who attended the Capitol Hill reception.

  A small delegation from the conference attended a White House briefing in the Dwight D. Eisenhower Executive Office Building. During the briefing, they established connections with senior administration officials and explored opportunities for future collaborations, demonstrating the government’s concern for Asian and Pacific Islander communities. Jan Xie emphasized the contributions of Chinese Americans in the United States. Chinese Americans are not spies in the U.S., nor are they the COVID19 Virus; Chinese Americans work hard in the U.S. and contribute to the U.S., not come to get U.S. benefit without working for it.

2023年9月25日至27日,2023 AANHPI UNITY SUMMIT亚裔和太平洋岛裔美国人团结峰会在美国首都华盛顿特区顺利举行。这次会议由亚裔美国统一联盟(AAUC)在国会山庄举办。美国亚洲文化和教育协会(ACAESUSA)会长兼亚裔美国统一联盟秘书长解健带队参加了这次会议.

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   在会上几位杰出人士因其做出的杰出贡献而获得了表彰: 美国众议院议员 Raja Krishnamoorthi 荣获 Dilip Singh Saund 政治领袖奖。美国众议员孟昭文 Grace Meng 荣获诺曼-米内塔公共服务奖。Romesh Japra 博士荣获社区服务奖。C.C. Yin 先生荣获年度慈善家奖。Tammalivis Salanoa 女士荣获总统青年奖和来自Highland park 高中的Jessica Wu 获得青少年特别总统奖。

   感谢亚裔美国统一联盟的会长钟秀昆女士带领的组织者团队辛勤的努力。这次会议引来了众多众要的现场支持。包括康涅狄格州参议员理查德-布卢门撒尔,纽约国会议员孟昭文 Grace Meng, 加州国会议员赵美心Judy Chu,  密西根国会议员斯里-塔纳达,以及来访的众议院和参议院工作人员也出席了国会山招待会。


  亚洲文化和教育协会参加这次国会山团结峰会的还有来自达拉斯大学的邵创,以及程振刚,熙诚,Shiv, Sofia, Shivalika and Shivya。在大会上参与并且走访了参议员和议员办公室。感谢华盛顿的朋友们的热心帮助,包括山东同乡会的孙强先生,不辞辛劳接送的孙远帆女士和美国华人联合会主席薛海培先生的帮助。加入到美国亚洲文化和教育协会的义工队伍中,可以联系[email protected]


  ACAESUSA participates in Hispanic Heritage Month activities 

On September 16, 2023, ACAESUSA participated in Denton, Texas’s Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration at the Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center. Volunteers distributed gifts, including yellow whistles, handmade lantern materials, notebooks, candies, and toys. A set of Chinese history books was also donated. Dr. Rudy shared a compelling story about his advocacy for bilingual education for immigrant minorities as a Latino representative.

Hispanic Heritage Month, originally Hispanic Heritage Week in 1968 and later expanded by President Ronald Reagan in 1988, commemorates the rich history, resistance, and triumphs of Hispanics and Latinos. The event celebrated this history through stories, music, and art, honoring their contributions.

ACAESUSA President Jan Xie expressed gratitude to Denton City and Center Director Muller Yosselin for promoting cultural awareness, traditional culture, and youth education while serving the local community.

The event thanked Mayor Gerard Hudspeth and Brian Beck, Brandon McGee, Center Director Muller Yosselin for their support, as well as the Committee of 100 and the Yellow Whistle Project for donating yellow whistles to combat hate against Asians. ACAESUSA’s Mental Health Program, in partnership with UCA-WAVE, addresses mental health issues among young people and Asians. They invite participation in their November event: Event Sign-up.

  ACAESUSA participates in Hispanic Heritage Month activities  –


在中秋佳节来临之际,2023 年 9 月 16 日,周六上午在德克萨斯州丹顿的马丁-路德-金休闲中心,亚洲文化和教育协会ACAESUSA 参加了西班牙裔传统月的庆祝活动 + La Vida Denton 2023.


  Denton 市长 Gerard Hudspeth和副市长Brian Beck,市议员Brandon McGee, 以及中心负责人Muller Yosselin 非裔代表和拉丁裔代表Rudy博士都对我们参与这次活动表示了诚挚的感谢。表扬我们对拉丁裔和非裔的大力支持。Dr. Rudy 讲述了他作为拉丁裔代表为少数移民争取双语教育而努力的感人故事。

  西班牙裔传统月始于 1968 年的 “西班牙裔传统周”,1988 年罗纳德-里根总统正式承认了 “黑人历史月”。之所以选择 9 月 15 日至 10 月 15 日为庆祝月,是因为9月15日是拉丁美洲国家哥斯达黎加、萨尔瓦多、危地马拉、洪都拉斯和尼加拉瓜的独立纪念日。墨西哥和智利分别在 9 月 16 日和 9 月 18 日庆祝独立日,哥伦布日或拉萨日在 10 月 12 日,正好在 30 天期间。 西班牙裔和拉美裔拥有丰富的历史。这段历史充满了反抗、牺牲和胜利。这次活动通过故事、音乐和艺术来纪念这段历史。人们将铭记他们的生活,颂扬他们的贡献。

  这次活动由解健,毕春燕,常少容和Lisa贾现场协调,陈民教授,Lin Li, 荣美和缪教授热心的帮着学生们做后勤。感谢这次现场参与的义工Richard Xie, Owen Xie, Irva Miao,  Charles Mi, Alysa Mi, Chenrui Mi以及提前帮忙准备材料的Andy Xu, Amy Xu,Samuel Li, Jessica Wu. Ravi Wang and LeLe和礼物的赞助者Samuel Li。也感谢华人组织百人会快递过来的黄口哨。 

  亚洲文化和教育协会ACAESUSA会长解健说“这次活动拓展了市民的文化视野, 宣传了中国的传统文化教育,提醒了社区心理健康的重要性。更好地融入和服务了当地社区。”想加入亚洲文化和教育协会的义工团队请联系[email protected]。作者:常少容,图片:解健


60th Anniversary of March on Washington | August 28, 2023 纪念华盛顿大游行 60 周年

这是一次具有深远意义的活动 – 华盛顿大游行60周年庆。最初的华盛顿大游行发生在民权运动时期,是对黑人面临的社会不平等的抗议。马丁-路德-金在这次历史性集会上发表了 “我有一个梦想 “的演讲。AI Sharpton 牧师和马丁-路德-金的家人是这次活动的重要嘉宾和组织者。这次的演讲者包括政府官员、商界人士、演艺界人士、工会领袖、神职人员、媒体人士和法律专业人士,其中也有几位亚裔代表。


商家推荐 Business Recommendation

Business Recommendation 商家推荐

推拿,广为人知的中国手工治疗技术,通常用于治疗外部关节/肌肉骨骼疾病,以振兴内在的生命能量,或传统术语中的 “气”,该技能被东方文化珍藏了数千年之久。 在西方,这种治疗作用由脊椎按摩师、物理治疗专家和按摩治疗师担任。 每种做法都有其治疗某些疾病的强项,然而许多人仍然喜欢从古老的智慧中吸收新的思想。 在美国,有些人声称可以进行推拿,但不知道在中国,推拿是中医学校的一个科目–只有对人体有透彻了解的医生,再加上中国的医学哲学,才能进行真正的精华技术。 William Sun, D.C., L.Ac, 是一位有执照的脊椎按摩师和针灸师,也曾在上海中国传统医药大学学习推拿。 他在DFW地区行医12年,将东西方技术融合为一种独特的治疗方法,给患者带来不同的健康改善方向。 许多孙医生的病人对他每次治疗时专注而漫长的亲身体验感到高兴,这才是真正的推拿,一对一的关注。

William Sun, DC
Beaming Family Chiropractic
600 W Campbell Rd, Suite 4
Richardson, TX 75080
Tel/Txt: 972-246-8823

Tui-Na, widely known as the Chinese manual hands-on therapeutic technique, commonly used to treat from exterior joints/musculoskeletal conditions, to revitalize inner life energy, or Qi「氣」in traditional terminology, the skill is treasured by the Eastern culture for millenniums.  In the West, such therapeutic roles are held by chiropractors, physiotherapy specialists and massage therapists.  Each practice has their strong point on treating certain conditions, yet many still like to take in new ideas from the ancient wisdom.  In the States some claims to perform Tui-Na, but without knowing in China Tui-Na is a subject of Traditional Chinese Medicine schools— only doctors with thorough knowledge of the human body, along with Chinese medical philosophy, can perform the true essence of the technique.  Dr. William Sun, D.C., L.Ac, is a licensed Chiropractor, acupuncturist and also studied Tui-Na in Shanghai Chinese Traditional Medicine University.  He practices in DFW area for 12 years and has integrated the East and West technique into an unique method of treatment, giving patients a different direction to improve health.  Many Dr. Sun’s patients are delighted by his focused and lengthy in-person approach at each session, which is what truly Tui-Na is about, the one-on-one attention.  







Texas Song Birds表演的吉他弹唱 《驿马车》伴着倾心的音乐触动着大家。这首曲子是Uko Adams 老师以西部牛仔的风格改编自古筝的四重奏曲首创作。西方音乐神奇的和中国古筝音乐合奏出了美妙的曲子,再配上独特的又有节奏感的蓝调歌手,真的称赞Uko为东方不败之大胆创作者。


The Two Fuzzy Dice 歌曲《星光之城》清脆悦耳,清润甘甜。星光灿烂的舞台背景,美妙的琴声,动人的歌声伴着绝美的双人舞充分展示了技术与艺术的完美融合,深得观众的喜爱。

和谐的音乐也让人沉醉,这其中有澎湃激昂的电子小提琴演奏家Yut Chia, 他充满动感和激情的一边演奏一边舞动,新奇震撼、精彩绝伦。引发了全场观众的共鸣和激动,台上台下浑然一体,喜气洋洋中动感十足,为大家带来了一场突破感官体验的视听享受。


钢琴四手联弹的Angela & Olivia.Nathan & Lexing他们来自于张一冰和黄朦朦创办的B&M音乐学校,流畅而又精湛的弹奏赢得现场观众的喝彩。他们各自在达福地区的钢琴比赛中斩获了无数奖项。开始进军世界大赛。近期刚刚在2022年国际青少年音乐大赛中以满分斩获The Grand Prize大奖。

还有演奏优美的旋律的Royal Music Academic.皇家音乐学院带来了整个乐队来给大家弹奏。他们把曲子演奏得出神入化,美妙和谐的乐曲声令人陶醉。学生们的乐曲弹奏得非常优美,听起来像是专业演奏乐团。听众被深深地吸引住了。

精彩节目一个接着一个,舞蹈队翩翩起舞,那优美的舞姿迎来了观众们的一阵阵热烈的掌声,其中有《为什么》张静等表演。 这首时尚明快的现代舞被她们舞出节奏,精彩不断。展现了舞蹈者独特的魅力。

韩国扇舞,The Korean Tradition Music Association of Texas. 俩位可爱的姑娘头戴花冠,手拿扇子翩翩起舞,尤为动人,向大家展示了韩国独特魅力的扇子舞。

Ballet Ballet表演的匈牙利性格舞,团员们跳起来显得庄严稳重,典雅流畅,精巧细致,情绪炽烈的风格特点,表露出高傲的骑士精神,强烈的散发出自信心与愉快的表情,也赞叹一下她们高难的跳跃技巧。 

乐姿舞蹈学校的《如光宛若》Celina Li 的舞姿迷人,意境悠然。你的心若纯净,世界的一切皆纯净。如此,如是,如故,如初。。。




Dance With Lucinda 里的Lucinda老师每一个动作都是自然而流畅. 迷人的外表,优美的舞姿,让人为之倾倒在她起舞的意境里。

Peng Dang的脱口秀大胆而有意义。他敏锐的观察力、轻松的讽刺和独特的表达方式给观众带来了阵阵笑声。

而Mike Toy魔术师的魔术很神奇,他在众目睽睽之下把小朋友变得看不见了,最后在大气球里发现了!这位魔术大师8岁的时候收到一套变魔术的系列,从此喜欢上了魔术。


 这次新春晚会得到了团体和几个城市政府官员的支持,及热心公益的企业的赞助和众多义工们的帮助,这次贵宾招待会有德州议员Matt Shaheen,Richardson 的市长Paul Voelker, Carrollton市的市长 Steve Babick,Plano的副市长Maria Tu,还有周边Frisco、Lewisville等市的议员都到场庆贺,州议员Angela Paxton, Plano市长和Arlington市长都分别发来了贺信。祝福新春晚会越办越好,为达福地区的人们增添中国新年新春佳节的欢乐。